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7 Social Media Mistakes that will Ruin Your Business

So, you got started on social media. But you didn’t get much results!

What’s the reason for this?

The answer is – you are making social media mistakes that are damaging your business instead of helping it.

Social media has a great potential in terms of increasing the reach, traffic and leads of a business. It is the most powerful media platform that can completely transform your business, if done right!

But at the same time, it has led to the downfall of many businesses that have either misused it or just didn’t get it!

So, what are those mistakes? Are you making these same mistakes? Take a look to know:

  1. No strategy

If it is an afterthought with no plan of its own, you are doing it all wrong. Do not simply post when a big event got come up. You can’t ignore your audience all this time and suddenly expect them to acknowledge you. Follow a consistent drumbeat of substantial content. Make sure your social media is helping you realise your marketing goals.

  1. Lack of engagement

The universal problem with social media is the lack of engagement with the audience. You can’t simply schedule your posts and pray for good responses. Most of these companies schedule their social media posts a month in advance. And the next time they come on their social media is to schedule for the next month. Be in constant touch with your audience by asking questions, making comments and responding to them.

  1. Using the wrong platforms

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat – there are so many social media networks. But which platform is the best one? The answer is in your audience. For instance, Facebook and SnapChat are usually used by the younger crowd. Whereas LinkedIn is a professional’s platform. So, understand your audience and create a strategy accordingly. Make sure you test your strategy and measure the results to find the best platform for your business.

  1. No consistency or direction

Do you use the same handles for all the profiles? Can an outsider tell that your website, Twitter profile and Facebook page, are all the same business. You need to have  consistency in your profiles. But it also doesn’t mean you have to be on every available social media platform. Another big mistake that businesses make is posting with no direction whatsoever. Have a plan and hire someone to do it for you!

  1. Not responding to the negative comments appropriately

At one point or another, you will get negative feedback. But don’t ignore it. Use this opportunity to bring your business in the right light by responding promptly and thoughtfully to show you commitment towards your customers.

  1. Not measuring what matters

To measure the success of your social media efforts, use social analytics. But first recognise your key performance indicators. For instance, engagement rate is a good indicator that you can tie to the traffic and conversions.

  1. Giving up too fast

Social media is not going to give you some big bucks but it is for building deep and long lasting relationships with your audience. Social Media is going to stay here and that too for a really long time, so you business should embrace it.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Then, start with making social media a part of your marketing strategy. Have patience and use this brand building methodology to create deeper connections with your customers that will ultimately lead to improved sales.

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